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1980-82      Wimberly Edwards

1983-84      Roberta Todd

1984-85      Catherine Southerland

1991-95      Fannie Porter *

1995-97      Andrea Flateau*

1997-99      Doris Douglas

1999-2000  Mary Vincent

2000-08      Anne Flateau-Mochu

2008-15      Deborah Finley-Jackson

2015-20      Joann V. Griffin

1954-56      Gloria Foster Taylor *

1956-60      Doris Alexander *

1961-65      Gwendolyn Timmons

1965-69      Fannie Porter *

1969-71      Wimberly Edwards

1971-73      Cassie Klutz *

1973-76      Ruth Goring

1976-78      Gwendolyn Timmons

1978-80      Doris Douglas

* deceased



Celebrating 69 years of dedicated service

to the Brooklyn community and beyond!




In September 1954, through the efforts of, Mrs. Willie L. Churchill, the then Sectional Director of the NAUW Northeast Section, the Brooklyn Branch was chartered.  The charter members were Doris Alexander, Ruth Brown, Margaret Durant, Phoebe Goff, Gladys Foster, Willie Mae Inman, Eleanor Jackson, Bella Shaw, Mary Smith, and Gloria Foster Taylor, who served as the first president.

Many of the members were we represent a wide range of professions in the areas of education, health, religion, administration, media, and social services.

Over the years, The Brooklyn Branch has stressed civic involvement, giving of scholarships, contributing to organizations, coaching, counseling and participating in NAUW's sectional and national activities.

Early branch activities include organizing the Young Affiliates  in 1966, a mentoring program for girls ages 14 to 18, an adopt-a-school program, serving as the advisory board of an adult education center, and civic engagement.

Our fundraising efforts included various activities such as garden parties, stay-at-home-teas, luncheons and most popular, our theater parties. The proceeds from these efforts are used to support our annual programming. Our main effort is to provide financial aid to college bound students and other organizations that have a similar focus.

Today, we continue many of our program initiatives as they are still relevant in the 21st century. We strive to serve not only our Brooklyn community but our national and global community as well.




NAUW - bklyn.jpg

The above photo is of  an early branch  meeting in the 1950s.  It includes our charter members. 

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